Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: Kiko 262 and Orly Shine On Crazy Diamond


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kiko 262 and Orly Shine On Crazy Diamond

Hello dear loves ♥

First I wanted to tell you how much I hated this combo, I mean, looks amazing, BUT for some reason the Kiko polish shrunk and white tips were showing, and I hated it very much!!!!
Even though I was very pissed about the white line showing up, my friends couldn't stop telling me how much they loved the combo, so that was a win :D
Both polishes are gorgeous, that's a fact. Kiko 262 is this gorgeous purple polish, that actually remind me a LOT of Finger Paints Be A Pal-Ette, they're not dupes, that much I know, but they look alike!
Took me 2 coats to full coverage, and I only used one of the Orly glitter. Cleanup was easy.

It's not 100% drool, but it's quite pretty! Hope you guys have enjoyed it my dears ♥


  1. The color looks really good. That is to bad for the shrinkage.

  2. Very pretty combo, but yeah the shrinkage ruins the mani :(